Thursday, December 3, 2009


My boyfriend and I were watching a movie together tonight. A friend had recommended it, calling it the funniest movie of all time, the best thing ever, and so on and so forth. After only half an hour, I grew thoroughly bored with it. My boyfriend said, "It's more amusing than it is funny." There are so many different kinds of humor out there that can be considered "funny." An old Marx Brothers film isn't exactly the same kind of comedy as a late night comedian, but I've laughed at both. Slapstick comedians center their acts around harmless things that society has learned to laugh at. Then you have the crude humor on the other end of the spectrum, which is honestly very immature. The only redeeming feature is the rare good delivery. Then there's humor targeted at a specific group - female humor, male humor, republican/democrat, married/single, etc. Female humor isn't only funny to women. My boyfriend happens to love The Golden Girls! But some people are more touchy than others. I know a multitude of different people, from feminists to fanatics to geniuses. The feminists wouldn't be caught dead watching male-aimed humor, let alone find it funny. Every iece of comedy has its own wavelength; you just have to be on the right channel to recieve it as it was intended to be - funny.

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