Monday, April 2, 2012

6 Language Things I Want to Learn

I did really well with languages in school. I pick up on grammar rules really well, and I'm good at spelling. There's lots I'd like to know if I had the time to take classes. I'd teach myself, but I have a hard time learning from a text book. I'm better off when I can hear people talking and such. 

1. Latin
More like, finish learning. I have to pick it back up and remember what I've forgotten, then get in all the stuff I missed out on in school. Latin was and still is hugely important to me.

2. German
I just want to know it.

3. Greek
I barely even know the symbols' names.

4. Norwegian, Swedish, or Finnish
Because I want to go to Scandanavia.

5. Spanish
I can't understand what my coworkers say when they talk to each other in their native tongue, and it seems like something I should mostly be able to understand. 

6. The Daedric Alphabet
Just to be that kind of person that memorizes video game alphabets.

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