Monday, September 13, 2010

Music Monday - Bad Company

When I write a story, there's constantly music on in the background. Sometimes there are those songs I hear that fit flawlessly with what I'm writing, and sometimes they inspire entire stories on their own. The story I'm working on now (unnamed as of yet) is a post-apocalyptic type story set in 2026. In 2023, a major illness wiped out most of the world's population. The synthetic drug made to combat the illness made things worse, for it was found to be more addictive than heroine. My main character Dante is in a world where the immune people are constantly in danger, forced to hunt and kill the violent drug-addicted gangs to survive. So now that you have an idea of how my story is, let's get to the point of this blog post.

My story was inspired by a dream, and I'd been thinking about writing it for a while. I was just starting to mentally prepare the first chapter when I heard Five Finger Death Punch's cover of Bad Company. I've always loved the original song. When I heard it, my main character Dante instantly came to mind. The song mentions a 6-gun, or a revolver, and that just happened to be the weapon I had chosen for Dante to wield. Dante is also one of the best fighters on the streets fighting back the gangs. He's out at night fighting, and the gangs know and fear his name. That's where that second verse comes into play.

Just hearing the song may have been what prompted me to actually sit down and write the story in the first place. It's now about 150 pages in, it's fantastic,a nd I'm having lots of fun writing it. My (now ex) boyfriend and I even dyed our hair black and did some photography that will help promote it once I upload the chapters to deviantART. :)

Tim as Dante

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