Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 Things I Want But Can Never Have

I love stuff. Like, seriously. Stuff is the best stuff ever. You know what the best kind of stuff is? The stuff that doesn't exist!

A Teleporter
Bonus points if it can teleport me through time.

Some Vampire Fangs
I don't mean I want fangs. I mean I want someone else's venom-covered fangs so I can join the eternal undead. In all seriousness, I would probably go for the Twilight-type vampires. No sleeping, no eating, and I don't mind sparkling a little. All I'd really have to do is drain a cow every now and then, and I'm set! But that's a pretty big decision. Until I decide that's really what I want...

A Philosipher's Stone
So I can try out the imortality thing without drinking lots of blood!

A Timeturner
A tiny device to manupulate time would likely be the most practical item on this list.

A Fort
A big one, with towers and spires and battlements and bridges, and a massive underground network of dungeons and tunnels!

Room of Requirement
Put it in the basement of my fort, please. It would provide me with access to any stuff I may want or need.

A Dragon
I don't think I'm really picky here. I just want a dragon. So long as it's a nice big dragon with wings and the ability to talk, I'm cool with that. Though I imagine dragons are very high maintenance.
Like Kyle!

A Holodeck
How freaking wonderful would it be to have this room that you can program to look like any place you want, with characters that interact with you fully? Think of how it would change your gaming experience. Want to go play Morrowind for a little while? Put on your armor and get in there! Also, the fictional worlds I could create and explore. Here I come, Underdark! This can hang out in my fort right near my Room of Requirement. That way I can go into the room and conjure up whatever I need for my Holodeck experiences, then spend the rest of my life next door in some fictional world.

England on a whim? Yes, please.

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