Sunday, March 18, 2012

A New Job

Yesterday, I went to my orientation for my new job at Walmart. I'm going to be unloading trucks and stuff. I look forward to getting some extra money in my bank account.

I'm also dedicating a lot more time to important things and not as much to things like Skyrim. I love you, Skyrim, but you don't earn me real life money and vegetables. I have some more jewelry to make and lots of photographs to take. The weather is great right now, and I'd really like to get more in shape for once in my life. I'm even going to spend money on real shoes and start walking and running. Lifting 50 pound boxes at work will help build more muscle, and that's always nice, too.

I've just really got a lot of stuff I need to be doing and better time management will help get that stuff done. 

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