Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthy Eating

I was reading an article the other day (link) all about foods that people think are healthy, but really aren't. Some of them I already knew, but others were really surprising. Yougurt, for instance, is overall good for you, but did you know that the fruit on the bottom is loaded with sugars? Instant oatmeal is another surprise. The package shows you all kinds of vitamins and stuff. Too bad all of the nutrients are chemical based and there's lots of added sugar. Then there's soy procucts. Not only is soy not as good for you as other things, it can be flat out harmful, with a whole list of negative effects ranging from reproductive problems to cognitive decline. Diet soda is also awful for human consumption, which I already knew. Anyway, you can read the article for more info. It's sorted out well, so you won't have to dig through tons of text to find something worth reading.

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