Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Twilight Issue

Twilight haters are everywhere. They're as obnoxious (if not more so) than the avid fans. Right here, in one post, I'd like to show each side the flaws in their arguments, because I really hate seeing stupid, incorrect, and poorly thought through attacks that the fans and haters have launched at each other.

I'd like to start off by saying that I honestly enjoyed the books. I've heard Stephanie Meyer's writing style criticized as being simplistic, but the story is told by a teenage girl, not a bard or a scholar. Simplistic fits. Also, the book was not written for the same audience as Lord of the Rings; it was written for teenagers. I think the writing style arguement should be scrapped.

I've also heard the argument that the characters are stupid, the plot is stupid, and so on. I think the characters behaved as most teenagers would in their situations. I think the plot was unique and not all that bad.

Then there's the vampire issue. Vampires do not exist in real life. They are fantasy. Most people think of vampires as pale, but the first vampire myths portrayed them as bloated and purple from drinking blood. Authors changed how we saw vampires over time. The Twilight vampires are definitely not what we usually see, but that doesn't make them bad. Should we be comparing World of Warcraft elves to Lord of the Rings elves? No. Enough said.

I was throughly disappointed with the movies. Robert Pattinson does not look or sound as Edward should. He slurs his words together and doesn't have the formal way of speaking that Edward has in the story. Kristen Stewart just kind of sucks at acting. Actors aside, I think the movies left out way too much of the emotion. in the books, you really see the love between Bella and Edward. You see Edward's humor, charm, and compassion, none of which comes through in the movie. The movie really makes it seem like they fell in love overnight for no real reason.

I've seen a lot of really dumb arguments against Twilight pop up recently, too. I found a group of people who called Twilight a rip-off of Death Note. Do you know what the basis of the argument was? The apple on the cover. Some people actually believe that Stephanie Meyer was watching her anime one day and saw Ryuk eat an apple, then thought, "I'm going to write a story about vampires!" Twilight and Death Note have absolutely nothing in common, and the apple isn't even the main focus of each story. How, then, can Twilight be a rip-off of Death Note? It's not like Bella found a death note, or the gods of death are trying to kill her, or anyone in the story is trying to play God.

Those are my thoughts. I just wish people would stop being so obnoxious without knowing what the hell they're talking about.

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