Thursday, January 19, 2012


Alright, 2012. You're just over two weeks old, and already I've dumped a whole ton of projects on you, and I expect cooperation. I'm hoping to do all of these things (at least to some extent) by the time 2013 comes around. Or we all die. Whichever comes first.

Sometimes, things are generally uninteresting until you get that tiny spark that starts a landslide of information and education. I think I've found my spark to start seriously looking into metaphysical studies. 

This is a secret (mostly) project I'm working on. Only a few people know about it so far, and it's sort of big. I've been working on it a little at a time for a few days now.

I still have to apply and stuff. I'll be starting in the fall for visual arts.

Among the People Lost Prequel
I'm writing two. One is started, and it needs to be finished. 

I have a Latin book. Let's relearn all that dead language stuff I forgot.

Stay Relatively Healthy
When I worked at Target seasonally, lifting 40 pound bags of dog food and cat litter rebuilt a lot of muscle I'd lost over the past few years, where the only activity I saw was moving my laptop around. I'd like to keep doing stuff to stay sort of in shape.

I don't read as much as I used to. I just bought a book on eBay two days ago, and I should just suck it up and buy some downloadable ebooks so I don't have to spend so much money on bad literature.

Tim and I decided to have a veggie and herb garden this year. We found habanero pepper seeds at Wal-Mart.

Throw a Doom's Day Party
What better way to end the world than with a party? Related, I plan on waking up on December 22nd.

Keep the Magazine Going
My webzine is doing okay. I want it to stay at okay and rise up to pretty well. 

Be More Organized
I made a prioritized to-do list, and I'm hoping to force some better time management on myself to keep myself from getting so distracted.  

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