Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I Hate Wall Photos

Facebook introduced a feature not too long ago that lets us mindlessly share images with messages we agree with but are too shy to flat out say. It lets us share funny comics without having to link to the artist's site. Who needs credit for anything, anyway? It also lets us share news stories (which are often partly or completely false) and chain messages. I think it's the most irritating thing Facebook has done yet.

Facebook used to be a generally safe-for-work environment. After all, it's all text. Unless someone is right over your shoulder, it doesn't matter what's on your screen. Now, though, I frequently have pictures of babies with cancer, deer with cancer, naked men painted to look like a rainforest, women dressed like hookers, half-dressed fat people, and dogs that have been abused and mutilated. 

Then there are the thousands of not-very-witty phrases in image form, which everyone seems to use to throw their views up on Facebook without having to actually say those things themselves. Sorry, but I never heard you complain about your husband before. Now all of a sudden your wall is 90% shared photos with clever sayings about how dumb and lazy he is?

Let's not forget the dreaded chain letters. "This baby has cancer! Some Company Inc. donates $1 for every share!" No. They don't. All you're doing is posting some hideous baby on my newsfeed. Have I ever mentioned I hate babies? Like, to the point that it's a serious phobia and they're about as gross to me as spiders? Now you know!

Point is, Facebook is not where I want to be anymore. Instead of updates from friends I don't see, I get their political views, their religion, motivation I don't need or want, and their really old comics that keep resurfacing shoved down my throat every time I want to see what everyone's up to. Tumblr exists practically exclusively for this kind of crap. Why can't everyone do it over there? 

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