Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Surreality of Facebook

On Facebook, I've played quite a few games, which means I've added people from all over the world and gotten to know people from different states and countries. You see the Happy New Year posts when it's only 6 PM in your own timezone, get birthday wishes a few hours before and after your birthday, and hear about events in other countries that don't happen in your own. It's all sort of strange.

The weirdest thing, I think, is getting a tiny peek into everyone's lives. Right now, a friend I know through Facebook, and who happens to live only about 40 minutes from me, is missing. His wife and children have no idea where he is, and the police even revoked his missing person status simply because there's absolutely no trace of him. The people close to him are all very concerned and upset.

Meanwhile, it seems so insensitive to see the posts about people having trouble finding a new car or hating their homework. And yet, to them, my posts are a world away. While one of my friends is crying over a missing friend, another just lost a family member and another is having the time of her life on vacation. It sort of makes you feel tiny.

It seems naive to think that anyone cares where I'm going for dinner when someone just had a baby or someone else just ended a long relationship. It really helps to emphasize how much the importance of our actions really fizzles out the farther it goes from us, hugely impacting ourselves and the people close to us, and not even touching others. 

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