Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bagels Are Sadness

My family had no money for groceries when I asked a few days ago, and the food stamps I normally depend on haven't been renewed thanks to a system glitch somewhere, so I haven't really had much to eat this week. I was low on stuff last week. Last night I ate the last pack of ramen I had, and right now, about all I have is a bag of four plain bagels. There's some rice downstairs in the kitchen, but I ate tons of rice last week while we ran out of everything else.

I'll eat a bagel tonight, I guess, since the last thing I ate was a bagel this morning. Now I'm going to be sad while I eat it, and the next bagel will probably make me sad, too. I have a little cookie dough, some iced tea, stale cereals and cheese curls, and bagels. Sad-tasting bagels are the obvious choice. 

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