Friday, September 9, 2011

People I Don't Find Attractive

There are plenty of people out there I find attractive, whether they're celebrities, fictional characters, musicians, or whatever. There are also a bunch of people that have tons of fan girls and I have no idea why, or, at the very least, I really disagree. Warning: really opinionated opinions.

L from Death Note
L is adorable - but in a way that makes me want to give him a cookie, not have his love children. I was actually really surprised when I first learned how huge his fan base was. I seem to be part of the minority that prefers Light. L just doesn't seem like he should have fan girls; he's sort of creepy in a lot of ways, always sitting hunkered over and spending all his time thinking. Especially when you put him next to Light, who is much better looking, in my opinion, and seems to have no trouble with girls.
Light doesn't get it either.

Hugh Laurie as Dr. House
This just doesn't make any God damned sense to me. He's a cranky old drug addict who is out of his mind.
He's in your medicine cabinet stealin' your drugs.

Robert Pattinson 
I read Twilight before it was a movie. I enjoyed it for the characters and such, and in all honesty, Edward is a guy I would enjoy spending time with myself. I should also mention that if I had pictured him as Robert Pattinson through my reading, I probably would have enjoyed the story a lot less. I really don't understand why he got the part. He just has really odd features, like that large jaw and eyes that look like they're glued open or something. I think he's sort of gross looking. I'm pretty convinced the only reason girls like him is because they read Twilight and like his character. No one gave him a second glance when he was in Harry Potter.
This picture is certainly not helping his case.

Jeffrey Donovan
He creeps me out. He has squinty little eyes and a weird mouth. I feel like he's trying to absorb my soul. I know lots of people love him on Burn Notice. As far as I'm concerned, unless his character makes him drastically change his appearance, he'll be just as creepy and I will be just as likely to wonder why he looks like that while watching him act.

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach
There's nothing wrong with Ichigo...there's no reason for him to have so many fans, either, though. I mean, out of all the characters on that freaking show, why go for one of the least interesting ones? I don't like the show much, but I'm an Ulquiorra fan myself, and there are probably at least 5 others I'd place above Ichigo.
Maybe it's that orange hair. I hate orange.

Muscle Men
Just in general, I don't like guys that are super heavily muscled. A little muscle is nice, and I'm totally okay with scrawny twigs as well. You'll just never find me searching for muscle men on the computer when I think no one is looking.
This is an acceptable amount of sexy.

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