Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I've Done Before I Hit 20

I'll be turning 20 next month. As messy and screwy as my first 19 years have been, I've done quite a few things that most people do way later in life, if at all. Some are great, some are awful. It's sort of a list of "when I was your age" stories that will be mentioned years down the road to the grandkids puppy. Most aren't terribly interesting, but I know plenty of people older than I am who don't know how to do some of this stuff and/or haven't done this stuff yet.


  • I taught myself basic HTML. I needed it for my Neopets profile. XD 


  • Got into fantasy and sort of turned into a little goth kid. Still a little goth kid at heart, I think. 


  • I had my first poetry published internationally. I've since had a bunch of poems published.
  • I got involved in my first serious relationship. It lasted 11 months, and it was great. 


  • I started my business. 


  • I developed arthritis after logging some intense Morrowind time. :( (This may have been earlier, now that I think about it.)
  • I tamed a wild Tim. I still have him, but he still chews the furniture sometimes.
  • Tons of health problems come on out of nowhere! D: 


  • Saw my first concert other than a local show. It was Celtic Thunder because tickets were free. :D 
  • I did my first major craft show, Oddmall, which I've done twice. 
  • I dropped out of high school (unintentionally) and was able to focus much more on my business. 
  • I broke my first bone! I was in a really minor fender bender, and the airbag hit a ring I was wearing. 
  • I went on vacation with Tim and some friends. I'd never been on a trip without family, and also never stayed more than a few hours at a beach. It was wonderful. 
  • I got my laptop. Best. Thing. Ever. ♥ 


  • I taught myself how to make fractals. 
  • I learned how to cook. Now I could effectively live on my own and eat really well. 
  • I sat down and watched my first anime series all the way through. It was Death Note, since I sort of liked it and missed most of it on TV. I mainly watched it to catch up with Tim's TiVo'd episodes, but I turned out really enjoying it. I had never watched any anime until meeting him. 
  • Somewhere in here is where I actually started hanging out with Tim's friends, I think. He had never really invited me to do anything with them, so it looked to them like I hated them and looked to me like Tim didn't like having friends. The few times we did hang out were sort of awkward. Now we hang out all the time.


  • Started drawing digitally with a tablet. I love it. 
  • I contributed work to 2 video games. 
  • I tried rice for the first time in my life. I'm not super fond of it. 
  • I published a novel. 


  • I had best get a job, or I'm going to move to a place where jobs aren't a luxury. 

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