Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Top 5 Most Attractive Rock Stars

This post seems sort of incongruous with the rest of my blog...but here! I'm doing it anyway! I'm low on ideas for posts at the moment because I'm really busy with Halloween contests, costumes, other events. Also, I clearly only pay attention to vocalists. This list was supposed to be a top 10, but I could only scrounge up 5. I'm bad at this. XD

5. Matthew Bellamy
I don't listen to a lot of MUSE, but as I was browsing through my music to dig up some hot men, I remembered that their lead singer is pretty cute.

4. Sebastian Bach
Probably the most effeminate guy I've ever found attractive. Maybe. I don't know. My taste in men is questionable at best sometimes. 

3. Alexi Laiho
Finland produces some sexy people. In fact, I could probably do a list of sexy Finnish guys that would be longer than this one...and now that I'm thinking about it, I could probably add at least two other Finnish guys to this list, but "top 7" is awkward, and they'd definitely be numbers 6 and 7, so let's just make this concise and keep it to a top 5, shall we? Okay. Good. 

2. Adam Gontier
Specifically, this younger and fluffier Adam Gontier. Newer, short-haired Adam Gontier isn't sexy at all. About 99% of his sexiness is contained in his hair, and facial hair is worth about negative 70% sexiness. Those are my numbers and I'm sticking to them. Don't doubt me.

1. Ville Valo
Like I said, Finland is where it's at. This image is also a weird size where one size setting bigger makes it too big for my blog, so it's the smallest. It's annoying me slightly.


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