Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Wish I Could Do

I have this vast list of skills and talents, all in varying degrees, and most of them not all that useful. Here now are some things I can't do that I wish I could.

Draw People 
People are hard as hell. I can't draw them without a reference, and forget about expressions and such.

Draw in an Anime Style
It looks easy. It's just lines. It looks so freaking easy. It's not. It's really damn hard. I can't get myself to think in terms of lines and perspective well enough to get anything good. 

Play Guitar
The arthritis has never helped, and the new pains I've been getting in my left index finger will definitely impede any further progress. I will get you to do what I want, hands! :|

Physical Activity
I'm lucky if I can go up the stairs in my house without my chest hurting, my knees creaking, or getting out of breath and blacking out a little. I think I have the body of a 90-year-old sometimes.

My house is probably one of the worst environments anyone can live in. I have no money and no job, and that means I'm sort of stuck here. At least I got a mini fridge for my bedroom.

Make Clay Things
I can't do much of anything with clay. I don't have much ability to put things in 3D in the first place.

Play Games Better
I'm bad at video games. I'm always the one person in a group who hasn't played a really popular game, and I know if I tried, I'd be really bad and probably give up. I like things that don't require tons of manual dexterity.

Get a Job
It's hard finding a job when you have no work experience. The unemployment rate in my area is terrible, too.

I always learn about community projects after they happen. I'm slow on the local news, I guess. It always makes me wish I had known so I could help out with stuff.

See Without Glasses or Contacts
My vision is awful. I'm terrified of surgery, though, and eyeballs sort of freak me out, so laser surgery is not an option.

Reach My Kitchen Shelves
I'm five feet tall. Watching me try to get a bowl off of the top shelf while standing on a step stool and still failing to reach it is really pathetic. My boyfriend can verify that. 

Remember Numbers
Numbers fall through my mind like sand through a fishing net. :( 

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