Thursday, November 5, 2009

Facebook Gaming - Castle Age

We all know that Facebook has applications for just about everything. Among those apps, you can find some pretty awesome games...if you look hard enough. Here's a tip: Zynga sucks. They're popular, yes, but their games aren't unique in the least bit. They seem fun until you try something truly unique that doesn't involve just clicking a button over and over again. Anyway, I've decided to regularly share some of my favorites. Up first is Castle Age.

Castle Age is pretty average as far as questing is concerned. Click a button to raise your "influence" to 100%. There are also subquests and four levels of influence, but they all work the same. Unlike some other games, you must equip different characters (called Generals) to gain influence for different quests. One thing that stands out is the battle rank system. You can battle other Facebook users for battle points, which unlock nifty items at certain points. My favorite feature is the monster feature. Items are gifted between players and combined using the Alchemy page. Once you have enough items, you can summon a monster, either a dragon, boss, or hydra. These monsters require a lot of effort and team work to defeat. I searched for groups on Facebook and found a dragon nhunting group, so now I am in an army of 20 people that goes around killing off monsters. Overall, I recommend checking it out, and if you like it, feel free to add me on Facebook so I can join your army. :)

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