Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Ramen Chronicles Part I

Being under 25 and left alone occasionally to cook for myself, ramen noodles are a regular occurrence. Unlike most people, however, I don't just boil water and add a flavor packet. I'll be posting some of my ideas and thoughts as I make my ramen.

First of all, brands.
-Nissan: great noodles, a little lacking on flavor
-Maruchan: tons of flavor, but the noodles can be mushy and a little slimy
-Smack: not sure if you can still find it. Firm noodles and a good amount of flavor

Here's how I prepare a package of chicken-flavored Nissan ramen.

The package calls for 2 cups of water brought to a boil. As soon as large bubbles start rising to the surface, I put in the noodles. I also add a pinch or two each of oregano and black pepper. As the noodles soften and pull apart, I dump in the flavor packet. It helps it cook into the noodles. Finish cooking the noodles and enjoy!

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