Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

The nearest movie theater has a LOT of screens. Eleven of them were dedicated to the New Moon midnight premier. Of course, eleven of those were also sold out by 10:30. A single screen was playing the movie at 3:00 AM, so my boyfriend and I went to that. Our friend Emily got us into the books before a movie was even in the works. Where it's not an epic masterpiece of writing, people relate to the characters and setting. Being clumsy enough to trip on air makes it easy for me to relate to Bella. When the Twilight movie came out, we went to see it at midnight. Kristen Stewert became one of my leaast favorite actresses and I continue to hate how Robert Pattinson portrays Edward. The way he speaks is all wrong, and I don't find him attractive in the least bit. Still, the movie was mostly accurate to the book and it was enjoyable. New Moon was my least favorite book, but we went to see the movie for the hell of it. The effects were better, though there were more inaccuracies in the plot. Aro was as creepy as possible, which kind of worked. I think they could have done a better job with hair dye, considering Jane had her roots showing with her straw yellow hair, and Rosalie looked like she had a bad day at the salon. Unless they were going for the stupid look, in which case it was perfect. I enjoyed it despite its flaws. Eclipse is my favorite book, and I definitely look forward to seeing that. Until then, I'm done discussing this series. :)

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