Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Apparently my uncle is thinking of selling our house. This would mean that we would all be moving out, scattered around the area. I doubt it would happen until my boyfriend and I move out, but still, it's a really weird thing to think about. I always pictured myself inheriting this house, and to suddenly face the prospect that I'll never live here again is a little discomforting. It's not like it's a wonderful house or anything. It smells like mildew when it rains, the basement floods, we have bad wiring, the kitchen is tiny, and there's only one shower in a house with six bedrooms - but it's home. It's a nice enough home if you don't mind mildew. I don't have any reason to keep it and pick up the mortgage myself, either. It's too big for me and my boyfriend, so we'd have to have friends move in with us. It's not a bad prospect, I suppose, but we could just get our own apartment and have it to ourselves. I guess I just always expected this house to be there for me, and now, that's seeming really unlikely, and that's a little scary.

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