Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Story Updates and Plans

Friendly warning, I've been up for over 26 hours and this may not make sense at times. Anyway, on to a few updates!

First, my book is $5.00 on Kindle if you haven't heard. You can read it on your smart phone or Windows 7 PC, too. Go grab it! Among the People Lost on Amazon

Second, I want to officially announce that I'll be writing a sequel called The City Dolent. When you get to the end of Among the People Lost, you'll know what the sequel will be about. :)

I will also be writing a prequel at some point that follows Blaze and Solstice in the years before Dante moves to Scranton. Unfortunately, I can't put it on DeviantART, as it goes against a policy or two, so it may go straight to Kindle. That's a long way off, though, I think.

I would also like to compile a whole bunch of tiny short stories that fill in the gaps in the story. Maybe you'll see them pop up every now and then on DeviantART, maybe not. This one is a really long way off, considering how many short stories I have to write, but it will happen at some point. The book will have extra stuff, too, like a complete calendar of events and lots of insight from me talking about why I did things a certain way and how I chose character names and such. I think it'll be really cool.

I may be running a contest on DeviantART for Among the People Lost. I'm going to run a poll when the whole thing is posted and see what my readers think. Even if I don't do a contest, there will be a giveaway on Twitter sometime soon, so stay tuned for that! My Twitter

So are you excited, or am I delusional thinking I have fans?

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