Monday, August 1, 2011

My Top Ten Vocalists

Music has always been really important to me. It's influenced the vast majority of ny projects and endeavors. I've done a couple of little list things recently, and I think they're fun and informative, so here now is a list of my favorite vocalists. This may give you an idea of how ecclectic my music collection is, but probably not nearly as much as the list of favorite songs I plan on writing up soon.

10. Corey Taylor
If you don't know him from Slipknot, you might know him from Stone Sour. I like both bands, even though they're sorta dissimilar. Among other artists, he also did a song with Apocalyptica.

9. Mathias Blad
He's the lead singer of an under-appreciated Swedish band called Falconer.

8. Ian Watkins
He sings for Lostprophets. I loved their album Liberation Transmission, but haven't liked much else they've put out. Still, I like their vocalist.

7. Chester Bennington
Everyone knows Linkin Park.

6. Tarja Turunen
Former Nightwish frontwoman has a bunch of solo albums now, some of which are pretty decent. I think I prefer the stuff she did with Nightwish, though.

5. Brent Smith
He's the lead singer of Shinedown. As much as I like Shinedown, they have a lot of stuff I'm just never in the mood to listen to. It's sad.

4. James Michael
By far the most generic name on the list. He's the vocalist of Sixx AM.

3. Serj Tankian
He used to sing for System of a Down, and now he's doing the solo thing. I loved his first solo album.

2. Adam Gontier
I love Three Days Grace, largely because of his voice. If only Life Starts Now hadn't been such a dull album. He also did a song with Apocalyptica.

1. Ville Valo
He's the lead singer of HIM, and his voice and impressive range put him in my first place.

Honorable Mentions:
Adam Levine (Maroon 5)
Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom)
Billy Idol
Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)
Davey Havok (AFI)
Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian)
Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch)
M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
Marco Hietala (Nightwish)
Ozzy Osbourne

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