Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Top Ten Albums

I like owning music rather than downloading tons of stuff. My bedroom walls are covered in CD booklets and a few inserts from albums, including a signed Lacuna Coil picture. Point is, CDs are stuff, and God, do I love having stuff. Sometimes I buy a CD for a single song. Half of those were horrible purchases, and the others were the best things I could have bought. Here are my ten favorite albums.

A Night at the Opera by Blind Guardian
I bought this because I heard about 30 seconds of "The Soulforged" and decided I needed it. It actually had to grow on me a little, but there are no songs on it that I flat-out dislike. "Age of False Innocence" is my favorite. I used it for a Morrowind tribute video a few years back. That reminds me that I need to list off my favorite games at some point.

Megatropolis by Iron Savior
I heard their song "Cybernetic Queen" on Pandora one night, and it's one of my favorite songs. It makes my ears do happy dances.

Dark Light by HIM
This was my first HIM album. I bought it for "Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly," which is also one of my favorite songs. FYI, when I do my favorite songs list, it will make the least sense out of any list ever, and you're going to wonder why I like songs that are so hugely different. Anyway, I used that song in my last list, so here's a different song from that album.

Decemberunderground by AFI
I love this album. It's essentially all I've heard from AFI. I bought it for "Miss Murder," loved it for pretty much everything else.

Fallen by Evanescence
My first CD, more or less. The first I owned that I still listen to. It was an Easter gift, along with Avril Lavign's "Let Go," which I recently decided to totally remove from my playlist. Anyway, this CD is pretty fantastic, except for "My Immortal." I hate that song. The rest of it is stuff I still listen to every day, which is pretty impressive. A lot of my older music has been pushed off to the dusty sections of the hard drive.

Liberation Transmission by Lostprophets
I love every song on this album. Sure, it's not the most moving or imspiring music, but it's fantastic.

Elect the Dead by Serj Tankian
A song from this album is playing as I type this. I think it's great. It's got a whole bunch of songs that I really, really love.

The Heroine Diaries Soundtrack by Sixx AM
For some reason, this CD is important to me. I love all the music, and I guess it's just really inspiring to hear Nikki Sixx's story of overcoming a crippling addiction. His whole perspective on life is sort of fascinating.

One-X by Three Days Grace
If they ever release a Best Of album, it might as well be One-X with 2 songs switched out. Overall, it's a great album. I'm not super fond of "On My Own," and I never really liked "Never Too Late," but other than that, I could probably listen to it a hundred times without getting sick of it.

Century Child by Nightwish
My favorite band's best CD, as far as I'm concerned. I love it. I don't know what it is about it. There's just thiss nice feel to it. I even put it in my Morrowind system folder and listened to it in-game for a while. It's pretty cool running around Vardenfell listening to "Phantom of the Opera."

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